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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 - Toyota
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2018 Toyota 4Runner is reliable, the body on the frame a daily driver with great ability and longevity, so if you’re looking for a car with all the qualities mentioned above, the next generation of 4Runner certainly has you covered.

It is an ideal family car to accommodate passengers sitting on the two roads comfort, but in case you need more than that, the third row of seats is also available. Toyota 4Runner next hit the market in 2017, mostly unchanged compared to the previous generation. The automaker announced that this model year, we will provide technological improvement only.

It brings us to Anton version 2.5, which means you will be able to connect the phone to the head unit. Although the 2018 Toyota 4Runner does not bring many new developments with itself, we decided to lose it in detail.

There are not many new features to be seen as the next generation of 2018 Toyota 4Runner, but now seem more rugged and aggressive. The car maker in the large front end, boomerang-shaped gears under the headlights. Headlights now have a more oblique.

If you do not find this attractive design, in this case, you must buy a limited reduction of the highest level that does not get this treatment. Speaking of which, there will be six available trim levels including TRD Pro series, elementary frames, elementary, Limited, SR5, and SR5 Premium.

In general, the car did not suffer any major changes for model year 2018. It boasts the same shape and rugged as the vehicle it replaces. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that all the trim levels come with a roof rack and this basically everybody cabin from 2018 Toyota 4Runner is where I took all the big changes everywhere. They’re not big, but they will have a positive effect on driving certainly experience.

Previously we mentioned that the newcomer gets the latest version of Anton system but there are also some other features that will make your life easier, such as Bluetooth connectivity, Siri free eyes, seat and eight-way driver and rear-view camera, and many others. 2018 Toyota 4Runner in terms of design and the cabin is spacious and versatile.

Things look neat and clean. With large buttons and knobs residing in it, you can easily run everything. Electrically adjustable front seats and provide great support. SR5 and Limited models come with an optional third row of seats, but we have to mention that the third grade is not as wide as the front, but it is still suitable for children.

Next 2018 Toyota 4Runner is TRD Pro siblings are close and all of us will get the same 4-liter naturally aspirated V6, such as 2017 4Runner. With 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque, this is not exactly the most powerful engine in the world. However, it is one of the most reliable and this is highly desirable by a passionate off-road. Moreover, the engine is capable of completely letting the four runners to pay more than almost anything.

There are only two drawbacks with it. Torque at 4,000 rpm on it must be accelerated in order to be a strong feeling comes. Moreover, it is one of the least efficient engines currently in production, and this means that it will not be with us for a longer period than that. Automatic gearbox will continue from the old 5-speed to be used for this generation as well.

And TRD Pro version and two others will be available with four-wheel drive system as standard equipment. The rear differential will also include Negotiable Ovarq limited slip center in order to allow for the TRD to be fully capable off-road from the factory.

4Runners all use the same body in the window that had existed for some time designing. However, operating equipment is different from bit more. And TRD Pro is the only one among many to use TRD BILSTEIN shocks, and improve the front springs, and 17-inch matte black wheels. This should give a great ability to run in the desert Cross without compromising the driving characteristics on paved roads. While 2018 Toyota 4Runner the base could have been a little under $35,000, and TRD Pro will start at about $40,000, which is still a good price considering what comes equipped with them.

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