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2015 Kia Rio. It was launched Kia Rio for the first time in 2001 as a legitimate alternative to his rule that the Japanese are much higher price. Rio is still in its second generation, and as we do not get to the next general car very soon, Kia considers it appropriate to update the light in middle age was intact. Thus we get the 2015 Kia Rio, which will arrive agents any time soon. The latest car from Kia at the Paris Motor Show last year, has been offered, and gave us a glimpse of what to expect from the next car. Now when issuance date gets closer and closer and it fit to conduct a review and tell you what to expect from the upcoming Rio car.

The car comes in both hatchback and sedan forms now, with the sedan version being a little more updated to match the hatch properties, which has already been changed before. The update is necessary for another reason as well as the whole. Sales measure in 2014, a significant drop in-car sales of Rio, to the extent that competition is taken of vehicles contrary, Sonic or feast primes spots in this sector did not allow Rio to make it back in any way. Thus this updated and determine whether Rio is fit enough to swim with the big fish and everyone hopes that at least some of the lifting sales at the beginning.

The version presented Kia Rio styling to the public at the Motor Show in Paris, and it will be possible to buy a novelty in the European market in 2015. About the other cars coming in 2015 you could look here. 2015 Kia Rio story began with the latest model of the company – Pride, which was created in common by Kia, Ford and Mazda companies. The compact hatchback for sale in the United States under the name Ford Festiva, Mazda 121. In Japan Pride 1999 name change on Rio practically all markets with the exception of Korea (Rio there are still offered for sale Pride), has been updated design of the car. Began a new chapter in the story of Rio in 2011 with the premiere of the next-generation model having the most modern design, many of the engines and gearboxes to choose, quite a rich set of options interior and a wide range of colors the body.

This generation of Rio exists in two different major in design: global (United States, Europe, Korea, Australia, etc. ), which was created especially for Russia and China. This year I decided Rio to win the sympathy of the class more solvent than motorists. Kia Rio in 2015 has become more athletic much because of the increased air inlets at the bottom. Air vents on each side of the bumper, decorated with chrome plated slips. And concentrated lighting equipment completely slanted headlights, the accuracy repeat look down from a predator scheme now so after it became so much more elegant, full-eyed 2015 Kia Rio optics. Besides lamps also we note the innovations that have undergone design rims. At home we see a constructive and central console to manage and sound system with built underwent changes in navigation.

And 1. 6-liter four-cylinder engine makes a return to form in 2015 under the hood of the car 2015 Kia Rio. This setup is good enough to produce 138 horsepower at 6300 rpm and 123 pound-feet of torque at 4, 850. The six-speed manual is standard that drives the power to the front wheels of the car. Optionally available is a six-speed automatic addition. It has not been announced for the economy in fuel consumption figures officially, but because this is the same engine as before are the most likely to measure to 27 mpg city and 37 mpg highway, and 31 mpg combined.

Newly acclaimed 2015 Kia Rio comes in perfectly possible price of $ 13,990 as pricing MSRP base. EX model is available for $ 16,990, while the SX can be yours for just $ 18,090. Is set the release date for the car for next April marks the date on which the Rio become available as soon as your agents.

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