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2015 Mercedes CLA. Mercedes has been dabbling in the front-wheel-drive vehicles since the launch of the first division in 1998, but the new CLA-Class is the first front, which were destined for the US market driver. Based on the Mercedes’ recently introduced modules foreign ministry platform, and civil law it aims to promote the image of the auto industry while drawing younger customers to showrooms.

Often described as the baby CLS-Class, and the 2015 Mercedes CLA is a four-door compact coupe that measures 182 inches long, 69 inches wide and 56 inches high. These dimensions make it about tall and wide, such as rear-wheel drive C-Class system, but 1. 5 inches longer. Up front, and the 2015 Mercedes CLA is almost identical to the hatchback third generation of the first division, which is sold exclusively in Europe. It features a front bumper muscles, and has long wavy hood and grille and a single chip, which includes prominent Mercedes’ three star brand logo indicated. Bi-xenon headlights are available with integrated daytime lamps additional cost. About noon, and the CLA is characterized by sloping roof that helps to give it a drag coefficient of 0. 23 Cd line, making it the world’s most aerodynamic production car regularly.

The borrows design cues, such as a curved trunk lid and rounded LED tail lamps have one of the largest – and much more expensive – CLS. The cabin is 2015 Mercedes CLA largely from Europe only first class. unashamed designed to appeal to a young audience and trendy, and is characterized by the cockpit of the round air vents inspired by the aircraft surrounded by chrome edges, and counters that consists of four analog gauges round three spoke multifunction steering wheel upholstered in leather. A pair of sport seats up front emphasizes the nature of the performance-oriented car. The color touch screen 5. 8 inches, which protrudes from the top of the center console and comes standard and can be upgraded to a 7. 0-inch choosing which adds multimedia system COMAND Mercedes package ”.

Controlled by either the buttons on the center console or voice recognition software, COMAND integrates audio, navigation and climate control, connectivity and vehicle functions in a single unit. Allows touch screen control also passenger information system and entertainment MBrace2 Mercedes’, which manages cloud-based applications and provides on-the-go access to the Internet. In addition to providing a wide range of concierge services and Mbrace2 it comes with an application that lets owners of wielding smartphone lock or unlock the car remotely and instantly find it in the parking lot. Bluetooth connectivity standard enables the driver to make hands free and stream music phone calls. This 2015 Mercedes CLA comes standard with power bucket seats up front, heated mirrors, and remote trunk release, multifunction steering wheel, CD player and run flat tires. The list of independent choices and sunroof 0. 12 speaker Harman / Kardon surround sound system, and the interface / media iPod MP3, SiriusXM channel satellite radio which provides traffic and weather information, and headlights bi-xenon, large wheels and a spoiler trunk- mounted and heated seats.

For a more aggressive appearance, the optional sport package Mercedes offers the aerodynamic body kit adds consists of a front bumper and side air largest publisher in the back and skirts. 18-inch wheels made of alloy and model specific grille finish off the look, while digging rotor comes standard in the offensive line. In addition to seven airbags, the 2015 Mercedes CLA is characterized by the radar system on the basis of collision prevention assist, which can warn the driver of potential accidents and, when necessary, automatically applying the brakes to prevent or mitigate the severity of an accident. The car also comes with interest assistance, which provides audible and visual warnings if it detects that the driver is drowsy.

Assortment of 2015 Mercedes CLA consists of a single model, and CLA250, which is powered by a 2. 0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine and direct injection transversely mounted in the engine compartment. Linked to a seven-speed dual-carrier movement clutch, mill sends 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet. Of torque to the front wheels of the group. Was rated fuel economy at 26 mpg is impressive in the city and 38 on the highway. Mercedes will add a four-wheel drive system 4MATIC to the list of options later in the term production. New design effective specifically intended for vehicles for the manufacture of small cars, engines offer, it sends 100 percent of the torque to the front wheels under normal driving conditions, while up to 90 percent can be tossed to the rear wheels when you need extra traction.

Civil law class at very reasonable prices can be yours at an incredible $ 30,000, a cost that most of the trucks these days. At this price, the opportunity to own a cool way and uber-luxury Mercedes is a steal for all practical purposes. It was only one year since the launch of 2015 Mercedes CLA, and after, the company has already brought some significant changes to the new model. Talk about chasing perfection. 2015 Mercedes CLA is available in three trim levels, each of which sedan (four doors) – forward steering wheel CLA250, 4MATIC CLA250, and 4 MATIC CLA45 AMG. And FWD CLA250 is, more relaxed cut basic level of the lot. In other words, despite the fact that start as low as $ 29,000, when you add a few options, which you would expect instead to be this standard as heated seats and rear-view camera, the price shoots easily reach more than $ 45,000.

Although the MSRP must give people a good idea of ​​what to pay traders, and it is only indicative price, the actual price varies greatly depending on the add-ons, extra features and other factors. FWD CLA250 and has an MSRP of $ 31, 500, while the highest trim the next level, 4MATIC CLA250 which starts around $ 34,000. Most of the rich and luxurious features of all trim levels of the model, 4MATIC CLA45 AMG in about $ 49,000 starts. Trims 2015 Mercedes CLA 250 bring a new class of customer for Mercedes. They are really affordable, at least compared with their cousins, and having succeeded in combining luxury Mercedes signature, comfort, and wasteful themselves. Little customers will prefer adventure sports CLA45 AMG, which already seems to be a winner among competitors such as BMW 2 Series, the Audi A3.

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