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The new 2015 Mercedes GLA Class is the smallest SUV that can be obtained from the three sides of the stars in the past, it was the most trivial boxy GLK crossover in the brand lineup. With reduction comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to famous for its prestige and prowess Engineering German luxury brands. Thankfully, it comes on the GLA well-armed for the battle against the likes and BMW X1, the Range Rover Evoque. Taking those opponents, 2015 Mercedes GLA awarded with this elegant design, and is not noticeable, and two solid plants plucked from a car CLA: a 2. 0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, and hopped up GLA45 AMG good copy 355 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.

It is routed either through a 7-speed dual-clutch. Unlike his counterpart CLA-inspired coupe, the roof line, which runs on is more upright (as is its ride height), allowing more generous rear headroom, but lacks Similarly legs. It is featured 4MATIC all-wheel drive Mercedes models on GLA250 and GLA45 AMG, which will reach showrooms in September 2014, while it is expected that front disc GLA250 by next spring. It has not yet announced official pricing, but the 2015 Mercedes GLA should come in less than $ 29. 900 a starting price of CLA in.

Mercedes was late to the party’s compact SUV with GLA, taking competitors established in the form of BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque. GLA and sitting under the GLC in the scope of the company, and is based on the compact hatchback from the first class, which means it is shorter than its competitors. In only 1, 494mm tall, which runs on the roof has a little less than a Vauxhall Astra. Still, the body 2015 Mercedes GLA is slightly larger than the A Class, “which means improving internal and boot space, giving more practical owners. Moreover, the suspension softer wheels and longer ensure the SUV a more comfortable ride than a fixed hatchback. However, the GLA did not lose “a dynamic edge, as Mercedes’ A-class small 4X4 still handles sharply. Just because you have not completely can keep up with the BMW X1, through the corners.

In between the sports, there are models AMG version line. This adds thanked look more pronounced for aggressive body kit, and although it is still available with more efficient diesel engines. The four-wheel drive as standard on all but the entry-level 2015 Mercedes GLA, which has way less operating costs in the two-wheel-drive guise, claiming the economy emissions and fuel consumption 67. 3 mpg and 108 G / km CO2. However, 4WD can be added as an option for this model. A six-speed manual gearbox is available only on the basic car; take advantage of all the other models of the seven-speed automatic transmission Mercedes’. You can also choose the off-road package that brings increased 30MM in height ride for improved ground clearance. However, this does not mitigate the severity and the GLA on the road.

In terms of engines, the 134 bhp 2. 1 liter GLA 200D diesel fast enough, with 0-62 mph in 9. 5 seconds. It’s also the most economical model in the range. However, there is no doubt about the type of engine under the hood, as noisily hash and sends vibrations through the steering wheel and gearstick and the earth. It’s also a hoarse and strained on the move, not really settle down on the highway. This is a real shame, because the combination of the average comfort and engine coarse undermines Mercedes’ interior, but well insulated. The same engine 2. 1-liter is also used in the 220D, but here’s a 175 bhp so it’s significantly faster. Only not quite as economical. 2. gasoline engine 0 to 250 liters in the 2015 Mercedes GLA is more accurate than that, however 208 bhp can go from 0-62 mph in 7. 1 seconds. Performance enthusiasts can choose Mercedes AMG GLA 45. This features a 2. 0-liter gasoline turbo engine with 376 bhp and brutal, and promises 0-62 mph in just 4. 4 seconds.

Which is spread over 45 also benefits from a revised steering and suspension and lower ride height, as well as set up the gearbox to make changes faster, which makes it an attractive vehicle performance and fast seriously. Which runs on the entry-level is very cheap to run, although it is more expensive to buy than its class rivals. Whether you go for speed manual or automatic transmission, front-wheel-drive Mercedes 2015 Mercedes GLA 200D is a very cheap car to run. In both cases, it claims 67 fuel economy 3 mpg, while standing CO2 emissions at just how much 110 KG / in the guise of a manual or 108 G / km with the automatic – which means the band Vid B and the draft road tax law £ 20-a-year. This low-emissions also make the 200D GLA SUV very attractive to company car drivers, it is also located in the benefit of 19 per cent in tax band greetings. And 2015 Mercedes GLA 220D features a significantly stronger version of the same engine, with 175 bhp, but still will not exactly break the bank when it comes to operating costs.

The magazine quoted the figure of the informal economy in 56. 5 mpg for this automatic model only, while translated 130g / km CO2 in road tax band D emissions (£ 110 per year). The most economical in the line-up of petrol model is the GLA 250. This is powered by a 208 bhp 2. 0 liters, and yet still claim 43. 5 mpg and emissions of 153 g / km CO2 – the band VED G, or road tax bills of £ 180 a year – which it is not bad for an SUV gasoline. In fact, only a high-performance 2015 Mercedes GLA 45 is really expensive to run – and even then it’s not effective due to the strength of the tap. It contains a number of the informal economy 38. 2 mpg and emits 172 g / km of CO2 (which is what the band means roads H tax, or £ 205 per year). If there is one problem with the GLA, and this can not be obtained with any of the smallest of the group of first-class engines. Mercedes did not follow the example of the Audi Q3, which borrows some of the engines are less able than anywhere else in the Audi range. As a result, and that extends to the line-up holds the entry price is higher than its competitors.

Prices start at more than £ 27,000 for the Sport model at the entry-level, which is very expensive in spite of a generous percentage of the standard equipment – the Audi Q3 and X1 BMW looks better value for money. Mercedes offers a choice of two diesel engines and two petrol engines: entry-level 2015 Mercedes GLA 200D is available along with the diesel-powered GLA 220D high, while buyers can choose from gasoline GLA and 250 high-performance Mercedes-AMG GLA 45.

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