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Thursday, April 7th, 2016 - Mercedes

2015 Mercedes GLC. Although we got good looks at the upcoming Mercedes GLC Coupe in the form of concept at the Shanghai Motor Show, and the Mercedes silence somewhat from the 2015 Mercedes GLC SUV, who took the place of the outgoing Mercedes GLK-Class for the year The new model. But that all changed on Wednesday when he presented the Mercedes new utility vehicle in Germany. Along with this introduction came a wave of information about the new model, including details about his arrival and agents all over the United States.

More buyers than ever nostalgic viewpoint commander of the way. Other driving force: new levels of fuel efficiency means that there is now barely a penalty to lead a modern SUV. At this rate, there is every chance the new mid-sized 2015 Mercedes GLC be the second biggest seller of the brand behind the car category C that is being invoked. In fact, the GLC is stingy even with fuel that at least two of the models so as not to attract the luxury car tax, which has an exemption for models of fuel-efficient. LCT does not kick on cars that sip less than 7. 0L / 100KM until it passes $ 75,000 mark. LCT threshold for everything else is $ 63. 184, and at this point and drawn every dollar after that with the tax is 33 per cent.

Unlike other cars SUV which has a large premium in prices, Mercedes apparently resisted the urge to go to the rip, with RRPs within a whisker of the cost of the C-Class sedan models of them. Starting at $ 64. 500 with diesel power, the new 2015 Mercedes GLC is $ 200 less than a similarly sized diesel BMW X3 and $ 900 more than the starting price for diesel Audi Q5. However, Mercedes is loaded to the hilt with thousands of dollars worth of additional equipment which are either standard or not is not yet available on the German counterparts. Initially there will be three models when it comes to the new GLC in Australian showrooms in December: the division of the two options of diesel by petrol option in the middle of walking above the price.

2. 1-liter turbo diesel 220D with low output engine (125kW / 400Nm) is $ 64,500, 250D with high production version of the same engine (150kW / 500Nm) leads the group $ 69,900, while the 250 gasoline (powered by a 2. 0-liter turbo with 155kW and 350 Nm) divides the difference in the $ 67. 900 plus costs down the road. Standard on all models Price includes automatic transmission nine speed with all-wheel-drive, nine airbags, braking automatic emergency, 360-degree view camera, headlights LED and tail lights, screens blind spot, as well as cons of the usual Department of Defense. Gasoline 2015 Mercedes GLC 250 with cruise control radar also comes, guidance keeping warm, and rear cross-traffic alert, among other luxuries. Eventually, the high-level AMG version using the same twin-turbo 4. 0-liter V8 from the sports sedan C63 AMG will join the line-up, but this is no longer for sale for nearly two years.

In the second half of the 2015 starting point of this model will arrive: and 2015 Mercedes GLC 450 AMG powered by a twin-turbo 3. 0-liter V6. It is expected to cost up to about $ 110,000. Mercedes will also need to enter the ultimate example of gasoline enter the price, but this is not expected until the update is middle-aged in the three years or so. Both BMW and Audi and reduce the price of gasoline powered models that begin ranges from $ 61,100 and $ 62,600 respectively – Mercedes after to confirm whether he will add to the price leader of the GLC line-up.

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