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Friday, April 8th, 2016 - Mercedes

2015 Mercedes SUV. 2015 will be the Mercedes coupe SUV be the next model of the vehicles of the Mercedes coupe. It is expected at the beginning of next year this car. Some people are of the opinion that it will be able to secure the competition with the BMW X6 as well as the Porsche Cayenne. Earlier Mercedes CLS Coupe designs were presented ten years ago, but when BMW launched the X6, it is said that Mercedes also got the idea to modify and improve the design. This upcoming model has been associated with many expectations to challenge the ruling in a ship from BMW and it is expected to lay a foundation of another new design with MLC name.

Let’s just go with the assumption that the world needs something else 2015 Mercedes SUV in the mold of the X6 BMW. If so, actually, hoping to Wednesday stays Mercedes model close to the concept, which stands out with its front end an aggressive silhouette fastback, tail lights horizontal, which extends across the entire car, huge wheels 22 inches tall relatively 305/45 tires. “Look of the wheel tire combination is not on the wheels, it is about the diameter tires,” says designer Robert Lesnik. “Mercedes coupe had invented a four-door, and we want to carry forward the subject,” he adds, pointing out the similarities between the new concept and the CLS Shooting brake. Such as CLS, and the concept features a frameless windows.

The display includes elements specific car doors comfortable handles. It stands 68. 5 inches tall, and is 194. 3 inches long and 80. 5 inches wide. There is a lot of room inside, and a large panoramic roof gives airy feel inside. There are adjustable with comfort and structure of the sport as well as the media, as well as another one for slippery conditions. Preparation is another driver allocation based on personal preferences. Mercedes aims to program settings to have a wider variation of the focus on the current models, so as to create different driving characteristics significantly. Sport Plus will therefore include gear Outa- blipped the throttle. Settings also affect the variable air suspension system. In the quest to integrate cutting-edge technology, the concept coupe 2015 Mercedes SUV packs state-of-the-art information technologies and information systems and entertainment, it highlighted abroad through LED headlights to adapt and unique tape LED backlight. “

Active Curve system” makes the 2015 Mercedes SUV lean in the corners, and it is installed and carbon ceramic brakes. When it comes to the crossover coupe to market as the MLC, and will be targeted directly to the X6 BMW and Range Rover Sport, while also looking to take a knife to the sales of Porsche Cayenne and McCann. Because of course it is, and is working on the Audi Coupe and UVs lineup, including Q8. In fact, Daimler aims to follow the same plan in the Audi: Serves concept coupe SUV also announced “the possibility of extending the SUV unified by the family SUV,” the company says. In the future, it will still be there on the off-road (-ish) traditional models, which include GLA, and GLK, and GL, as well as the M- and G- classes. But this concept is the first of a complementary “Sport line and dynamic on the road. ” So, yes, sports, coupe Equity and Reconciliation Commission, and less practical versions of the GLK and perhaps GLA sure to follow soon.

It is powered coupe concept 2015 Mercedes SUV by the same V-6 twin turbo engine that powers C400 and E400. It produces 328 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 354 pound-feet of torque rotation 1400-4000 rpm. And engine remarkable is hybridized to show talk mated to a nine-speed automatic torque converter and power all four wheels. When we read the car concept into series production model, and will also be available with a number of more engines, including the 3. 0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel, a turbocharged dual 4. 6-liter V-8 and intensity 5. 5-liter V -8 from AMG turboprop twin.

There are variety of options available with this modern device and thus its price is expected at minimum $ 60,000. Exact 2015 Mercedes SUV release date is still unknown

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