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Saturday, April 9th, 2016 - Tesla

2015 Tesla Model S. Tesla in the preparation of a software update that will bring a strong function of the automotive industry in the leadership of the fleet Model S to them. During the press call today – which is mostly focused on the treatment of a range of concerns – CEO Elon Musk revealed that Tesla will ship a software update “in about three months” that will transform the driving cars, or “autopilot” as musk often refers till then. “We can go basically between San Francisco and Seattle without a driver to do anything,” said Musk of autonomy that has developed the Tesla system. Now, you’ll be able to access auto-driving on highways only. We got a preview of the function of the autopilot during our initial test in the P85D, which you can watch below.

To win more buyers as possible, it seems that the manufacturer had won the game in the way of implementation of very attractive qualities. This includes a wide range of stylish colors to choose from, such as red, black and gray metal and alloy. To promote stability on the road, the car has been equipped with a long-term aluminum wheels with standard diameter. To look stylish exterior is only the perfect combination of elegance and luxury. Although there is not much excess miserable inside the 2015 Tesla Model S, touch screen and wide-ranging panel effectively along with the measure hit the screen is difficult to ignore. Seats looks awesome and beautiful view of the nature of the materials used in the industry to enhance the cushioning and support. It has three passenger and trunk means allowing more cargo ability when the need arises. Other interior features. WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port to support entertainment and other common needs.

It is important to note that this 2015 Tesla Model S is one of the fastest electric car in the world. Use this is the case, the manufacturer of some of the most efficient engines made to serve the intended purpose. And it includes an induction AC 221 horsepower / 244 pound-feet in front of the last of the 470 hp 443 ft-lb depth. Engineers simply make this super car look easy. The front differential of the new engine and an electric motor 221 hp perfectly fit between the rack gears and pin and 85 kWh battery to enhance stability and torque. The only remarkable engine and cons of performance-related are 290 pounds of excess weight and lower the front truck size of 5. 3 cubic feet.

It is expected the release of these 2015 Tesla Model S late this year, despite the absence of a formal decision on this yet. Will release comes at a time when the world is looking forward to the best possible solutions to reduce carbon emissions to save the environment and reduce global warming. This is one of those cars that people will be waiting to help resolve this danger. It is estimated that the start of the sale at a price base of about $ 105,670.

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