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Thursday, May 26th, 2016 - Chrysler

2016 Chrysler Voyager. The primary purpose is the transfer of a pickup truck families, pets and luggage safely and efficiently. 2016 Grand Voyager miniVans from Chrysler does all that and then some, interior and provide upscale loaded with premium features. With an emphasis on sophistication and style, the Grand Voyager earns luxury adoption with standard leather seats and sliding doors in the side of authority papers. The menu options you’ll find the Blu-ray Disc player, and a heated steering wheel and even Wi-Fi hotspot mobile. Of course, you will pay a premium even to enter the LX trim. If you are looking for something on par with lower-cost Kia Sedona or Toyota Siena, but want the power and interior space Grand Voyager, try the Dodge Grand Caravan. 90th anniversary Chrysler is the anniversary edition includes electric sunroof, heated front and sit 2ND grade, heated steering wheel and special badging.

The exterior design is new and very stylish. The new 2016 Chrysler Voyager comes with 17-inch wheels amazing, chromium, which can carry a maximum load of 150 pounds, roof rack (properly secured while maintaining the aerodynamics of the car to experience a soft command). Headlights also undergone transformation. They are high-intensity discharge headlights. Sliding doors electrically, providing easy access to a car. Glass on the windshield and other windows provides maximum protection for UV. Seats from the skin to the highest aesthetics and the highest possible comfort are made.

2016 Chrysler Voyager also comes with storage bins in the floor as well as seats that fold on the ground. And, it is easy to go on folding these seats. When the seats are folded, the construction of about 144 cubic feet of storage space. It consists of a heated steering wheel and wood wrapped in skin. This ensures that the test driver maximum convenience as soon as he / she gets in the driver’s seat and starts driving. Wood is delicious as well as practical. It’s just one of the many very stylish and functional from 2016 Chrysler Voyager aspects. Powered front and rear seats automatically, making it easy to adjust the driver’s or passenger’s liking. The front seats, in particular, can be adjusted in eight different ways.

This gives both the driver and front passenger a variety of options when looking for maximum comfort. This amendment also allows to improve the driver’s points of view and front passenger, as well as modify their leg room. Seats are not only adjustable, but is also heated at least of the seats in the first and second rows. The new 2016 Chrysler Voyager provides the driver and passengers a variety of options in terms of comfort, and heated seats in the cold devastating in the middle of winter comfort like nothing else can.

The new 2016 Chrysler Voyager also comes with a super unit, which allows the driver to a number of different options to improve his / her driving experience as well as space to store items such as drinks and a telephone. Exterior mirrors allows the driver to adjust the installation of custom settings that he / she can save every need leadership. This is a feature which is available with the driver’s seat, adjustable pedals and also prior to the radio. Settings can be customized by anyone who pays the new 2016 Chrysler Voyager, and saved so they can be accessed whenever needed. It is powered sunroof of the 2016 Chrysler Voyager automatically open with the features and power tilt explicit.

2016 Chrysler Voyager the new engine is the 3. 6-liter Pentastar V6 that can produce up to 283 horsepower and 260 lb / ft of torque. In the city, the Chrysler Voyager doing 17 miles per gallon while on the highway, and it will do 25 miles per gallon.

The price of the new 2016 Chrysler Voyager is $ 40. 645 starts.

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