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Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 - Mazda

2016 Mazda RX 7 competition in the car market rise for the first time, and car companies are racing day to bring innovations to the market. Mazda Motor Corporation is currently working on the 2016 model new cars to meet growing demand. Mazda RX 7 2016 model car is still in its initial development phase, it will come as a car KODO design language. It is expected that the car will be of the best design and enhance the power of the current model. As well as the promotion of sports car with sharp details and features of the design lines, and will compete with the Subaru BRZ, 370Z cars and Chevy GF86. I want her to weigh about 3,000 pounds of that will provide good aerodynamics and a better economy in fuel consumption of the car because it is made using lightweight materials such as aluminum. So, it means that the 2016 Mazda RX 7 will be a high-speed, light-weight car with a significant increase in fuel efficiency.

This is due to the fact that to convince the great features that have been included, it was the first car of this series introduction in the 1970s and given the fact that these compounds then become really popular. As far as is concerned 2016 model is not displayed the final details of the model means that after the company still has time to fit to provide adjustments. But can say with confidence that the body weight of these cars will certainly be reduced as the use of aluminum and other similar products can to achieve a reduction in weight in 2016 Mazda RX 7. Fuel use and also improving and will certainly be improved speed, and will provide better handling and driving experience for customers. The car will get a stylish look and surely will be reflected excellent appeal. However, we continue to say anything with certainty since the company is silent and it really did not provide any in-depth information in this regard.

The car will be the rotary engine, which is still being developed by the carmaker 2016 Mazda RX 7. The information is not yet clear if it will be three engine vanes or two rotors. But speculation is high that it is likely that the setting is the rotor twin. Power output will be about 250 horsepower, and it could have been the size of 1. 2 liters. That the car you have the gears and gear box tray transfer system directory automatic transmission system. Mazda auto manufacturing company yet to be confirmed whether there will be all wheel drive car in the form. However, the Mazda RX 7 be SkyActiv platform with rear-wheel drive platform.

It is expected to come in five different designs so that they can fit into the different preferences in the market brand-new 2016 Mazda RX 7. The company revealed that the price will be in the range of $ 30,000, which would have a positive impact on the automotive market. It is expected to be in early 2016. However, if the delay in release, will be launched in 2017 as a model release date.

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