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Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 - Mercedes

2016 Mercedes A45. Each dreams of Mercedes fan of owning a model AMG Mercedes, and there’s a reason for that – when you see a Mercedes car with a badge AMG (AMG is the tuning company in the house that only the Mercedes works, they take a new car and tune it), you know immediately that this is not a regular Mercedes, and instead is special, tuned model, perfected by AMG. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the new 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG. The official pictures show that this new model is just an upgrade from the current model is not completely new car.

2016 Mercedes A45 AMG is a very good-looking car, even the standard model, but it looks even better with minor changes by AMG. The company set the always add small details to the outside, because they want to maintain the original shape of the car, but still they want to make their cars stand out from the crowd and stand out from all Mercedes and other cars. With the 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG They want to create a unique car looking, with a sporty unity and aggressive nature and they have been able to do so until far. When to take a closer look at the 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG sees AMG brands are everywhere, but there are more important than just brands – change AMG exhaust system changes, and added special and unique body kit, wheels and light alloy and on the front it has been used on the Web AMG radiator. And “twin blade” radiator grill is a kind of company’s brand tuning.

There are some small details that are difficult to notice, but make the car look better than that – for example, painted some parts of the front bulkhead in titanium matte color. On inside 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG is a mix of sport and luxury and stunning looks! The new, and making the car sports seats in leather rights along with top stitching in red color contrast. Moreover, the entire cabin in combining black and red – from the seats to the ventilation holes. AMG and installation of new and improved steering wheel with shift paddles. In all parts of the car, they used AMG brands, so you can practice will never forget what car you’re driving.

And A45 comes with the basics of model A- regular class. It will be equipped with four-cylinder, 2. 0-liter gasoline turbo engine. This engine offers a new model of energy required which has a 376-horsepower (rumors said it will be more than 400 hp) and a torque of 351 pound-feet. As fine-tuning the engine for the progress of the economy in the best fuel consumption and acceleration to the car that makes achieving 0-60 mph / 100 km / h speed mark in just seconds 4. 2, with a top speed of 155 mph / 250km / h, which is electronically restricted. The Mercedes A45 AMG 2016 engine will be mated to a seven-speed transmission shift-paced. In order to improve fuel efficiency and performance, and Mercedes allows the vehicle to get rid of some extra weight, compared with the current model. Combined fuel consumption of 6. 9 l / 100 KM or 34. 0 mpg US / 40. 9 mpg UK

It is expected to be put up for sale during the time in 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG with a starting price of $ 60,000.

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