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Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 - Toyota

2016 Toyota GT 86. Then in the detection, the new GT 86 is able to attract the attention of fans around the world. It was created as the car and re-design a spectacular way that will ensure that they capture the concerns of new buyers and maintaining the current systems as well. Now it will be cost-effective and efficient in fuel consumption as well. The new car will be reducing the price by up to 2,000 pounds over the previous model. This reduction may be a price incentive for new buyers considering the previous model had some errors that have affected the sales volume significantly.

According to these images we have of the new 2016 Toyota GT 86, it is quite clear that the new car now comes with a completely new design in the past. It also comes with an improved engine as well. During its construction, engineers used a lot of lightweight materials through its design, which consequently led to a significant reduction in weight. So we should expect better fuel efficiency and aerodynamics and improved speed to counter air resistance. All of these features enable the car to be the best performance.

Toyota has decided to update the design of the car 2016 Toyota GT 86 a little bit. Welcomed the amendments are part of the whole concept of the car and interesting too to look at reality. The front-end change while adding a new group in the body are also in play. A new spoiler added at the back while also changed tires and wheels from the GT-86 now has 18 inches. In the back of a larger wing and in front extended front splitter in order. What comes to the whole concept is not to focus too much on the aesthetic features of the car, but most focus on the aerodynamic of the car dimensions. It was also announced GT-86 option for conversion is also in play. It is something that will excite the fans more, that’s quite a beauty and a fair choice.

And support for the conversion is quite attractive one and go with the car charm. Tends entire exterior look also towards enhancing the dynamic features aerodynamic of the car, the car and make the best performance. The interior of the 2016 Toyota GT 86 can only be described as elegant. The car that is stunning to look at from the outside as they seem more fascinating inside. What made this seem possible options are in the materials that the car now has. The update includes the use of aluminum and leather material formulation in the interior, as well as some of the carbon fiber trims as well. This material is also a nice addition, and go well with the style of the car so it comes as comfortable to be in, not just to look at. This time did not update the information and entertainment system, but does provide special support knee customizable.

Engine wise, the new 2016 Toyota GT 86 base model transform 2. 0L will retain the current model four-cylinder engine which is capable of generating up to 200 horsepower and 190 pounds of torque. However, the engines that will boast fuel consumption is superior to its predecessor. Leadership and configurations to be reminiscent of the ancestor, and that being said, you should car buyers expect 8-speed gearbox with respect to the transmission system. However, the sedan comes with 1. 5L four-cylinder turbocharged engine that will be capable of generating up to 180 horsepower and 220 pounds of torque.

Also available is a model TRD 2016 Toyota GT 86 that will boast about 2. 4L four-cylinder turbo boxer and compares similar Impreza STI. The engine will be able to crank the 300 horsepower and 300 pounds of torque. Vary sedan, and TRD trim model will come equipped with either AWD system or rear-wheel drive system. It is expected for the Japanese automaker is also to provide a hybrid option that will be used for the hybrid powertrain. The most likely engine to be combined 2. 4 L engine to an electric motor.

The 2016 Toyota GT 86 will be formally introduced to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, where it will unveil the base of the car option but we are still not sure of one convertible. There are high expectations on both trims, and he did not specify the release date of April next year, while the GT-86 convertible will be available later in the month. Says the price if you want to own a new 2016 Toyota GT 86 will need to spend somewhere around 25. 000 while the GT-86 converter bit pricier, comes to the number of to $ 30,000. And it may be priced in this way to the hybrid version is rumored around the level of $ 50,000.

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