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Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 - Toyota

2016 Toyota Mirai. With all of the excitement and speculation about Toyota Mirai, Toyota expects to receive a large 2016 Toyota Mirai’s ceremony when they arrive on the lot selected in the autumn. To give drivers an idea of ​​what to expect with Mirai, Toyota has answered some important questions about the price and fuel economy Toyota Mirai consumption.

This car may not be the most beautiful of Toyota vehicles but for the automotive industry has done a great job with it. It features a signature look that can not be mistaken for any other car. The look borrowed many of her sisters Corolla and Prius. It features front end of two large air intakes, which allow the passage of the cold air as well as enhance the look. All will be equipped trim levels with a panoramic roof as standard. There are also captivating a character line that runs from the headlights to A- pillars. The two sides will also set the tone of excellent lines that complement the look side advantage. Features rear tail lights triangular shape, the exhaust pipe is hidden as well as the big light that extends across the torso bar.

Inside the 2016 Toyota Mirai will find a lot of details. To begin with cluster design that borrowed from the Toyota Prius has been fixed in the upper end of the dashboard. It also features a large center dash screen, which hosts a dedicated Toyota Entune system, which focuses navigation and entertainment controls for the driver. Anton system comes equipped with GPS, which comes in handy when determining hydrogen fueling stations. To enhance the safety of passengers, the new car comes with the car before the collision system, lane departure alert, blind spot monitoring and engine start controlling. To complete the cabin, developed for the automotive industry up plastic piano black.

Instead of a gasoline engine have become accustomed to, and will feature 2016 Toyota Mirai electric motor is capable of producing 152 horsepower and 247 pound-feet of torque. Unlike other electric cars so we are used to a set of batteries, the Toyota Mirai derives its energy from the interaction between hydrogen and oxygen stored outside. This hydrogen cell stack provides 3. 1 kW / liter of hydrogen. This reaction generates only electricity and water vapor, and this means that the new 2016 Toyota Mirai is 100% eco-friendly, and in fact will produce 100 CC of water per mile. Power delivery is instant through a single-speed.

The 2016 Toyota Mirai will move from 0-60 mph in about 8 seconds, with a top speed of 100 miles per hour. There is one charge operation of the vehicle for a distance of 300 miles. Motorists love the fact that the auto industry has been the car is equipped with a power take off function (PTO) that enable them to use the car as a generator to power their homes. For safety purposes, it was built for the automobile industry hydrogen tanks using Kevlar and carbon fiber, which ensure that they remain closed in the event of an accident. The tanks have been tested in extreme weather conditions, it has been proven to be safe.

In the hope that cars powered by hydrogen will be the next big step for the auto industry, Toyota issued a 5600 patent for technology of their own fuel cells. The aim of Toyota is to produce hydrogen fuel more easily across the country. For now, the only country that has a hydrogen fuel stations have enough access to Mirai is California. Built with the fuel cell stack, and Mirai compresses hydrogen gas into electricity, which is stored in batteries that are used to run engines that operate wheels. Only emit water vapor from the exhaust, for much greener than gasoline alternative. On top of all that, and Mirai it can be refueled in less than five minutes. Take a look at the video on the right to learn more about hydrogen fuel cell technology. At present, and 2016 Toyota Mirai first be available at select dealers in California only. There will have a starting price of $ 58,325. It also comes with the option to rent a $ 499 a month, and $ 3,649 due at signing.

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