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Sunday, May 1st, 2016 - BMW

2017 BMW I3. In 2014, a BMW electric issued by becoming one of the electric cars more than we expected. They offer innovative interior, strong performance, with a design concept car I3 its own. This year, they are going to release a new package of electric cars, with the same concept car design, it will be released 2017 BMW I3.

Changes include the addition of some 2017 (undisclosed), new exterior colors and disk lightly. So, basically just a slight shift, but in the battery section there will be a significant upgrade, and we are already predicted. Sources assert that the i3 offers Model Year 2017 will get a bump set of classification NEDC 200 km to 290 km on NEDC. For reference, it was rated 30 kWh April LEAF 250 km on the NEDC test cycle (107 miles EPA). Doing some simple math reveals that the 2017 I3 beef should get rated at approximately 120-125 miles on a test course Agency protection of the environment, which is a significant improvement on the classification of I3 2016 from 81 miles. With start production in July, it can be I3S 2017 first available before the end of the summer.

CEO says that this series of car will bring a new battery, which also retrofitted to existing I3. Will a new battery pack for this car and improve the general efficiency of the 2017 BMW I3. And it will come up with “optimized driveline,” the same with the previous electric car that kept on the same battery capacity of 22 kWh. With this battery, the electric range by 50 percent, so that this car will be able to travel about 120 miles charge. The one for 2017 BMW Core Specifications i3 will develop improved programs, which supports the cooling system battery for the electric motor, which helps the car reach new plateau group. This car can travel 81 miles on a single charge, originally. Yet, with the gasoline to expand engine can make the car up to 150 miles, and 70 miles with EV- only in the testing agency environmental protection.

And for the 2017 BMW I3 mileage. Of course, it’ll be 81 miles will not be enough for people who travel a lot. Thus, I3 models that come with a range extender become favorite for most buyers. They have two types of cars, one with a regular EV and EV else with a gasoline engine on board the plane, which has the function of a group extender. The 2017 BMW I3 engine brings the same engine as the previous series. It uses two-cylinder engine, which turned 34 horsepower generator. The borrowing gas scooter engine C600 Sport BMW Motorrad’s. With powerful battery will be a great advantage for this series from BMW. EV version only can be transmitted for 81 miles, but increases, so you can travel 120 miles for this release.

2017 BMW I3 price is $ 43,395. It is for model year 2016, the price is before tax incentives. This series car to compete with Chevrolet’s what brings in this year. Keep yourself updated with the release date 2017 BMW I3 to know when they call this new series. This car is still attractive, especially to improve the batteries. 2015 series is able to compete with the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.

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