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Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 - Dodge

2017 Dodge Challenger is a new car that will come with the design and performance which is unusual. The future car comes as a very exciting car to the attention of the design for performance. This will be the future car that you really want. And this car get a very good rest of the accessories. The car of the future will be very interesting.

Perhaps it is still early to talk about the engine that will drive 2017 Dodge Challenger. But we can always reflect the forecasts and some of the information is safe. Although the truth is not far. Always a powerful engine with a raw sound that freezes the blood in your veins. It is therefore expected that the manufacturer had planned 6. 2-liter V8 engine. Certainly it will not be less than 600 horsepower with good torque. It is known that the movement moved manually to go along with muscle models. But with modern times you should get the 2017 Dodge Challenger and the option of automatic transmission. For something more modern drivers. With car is full of electronic security equipment is just like. But in a car Challenger is not the case. However, they put all the security options in the car, but above all occupants safe driving. Potential buyers will be able to rely on airbags, a good new brakes, immobilize, traction control, and many of the safety systems.

Heritage and the burden of popular American icon is getting a new redesigned 2017 Dodge Challenger. The car is just a perfect show. Exterior decorated brilliant color or a combination of the two colors. What are some of the models and celebrities. Made of a certain American taste. Lid rises above the body. Under this part is skillfully concealed the amount of air is excellent. Are integrated in the headlights aggressive style. With reactionary planned Babin and line which offers excellent aerodynamics, every driver could not resist. Changes have been made on the bumpers, as well as on the network. Thin, which at first glance is an adventure. It is made from the finest materials with the necessary firmness and flexibility. Therefore it was necessary for this is the embodiment of brute force and virility. With the new Dodge Challenger upcoming redesigned alloy wheels of 20 inches. Challenger has, convenient aggressive and sporting cabin with all the necessary parts.

Nappa leather sports seats have a wonderful working environment and hold the occupants firmly in most leadership. Slightly wider than the previous model. Interior can accommodate five passengers. Steering wheel for three spoke it with a leather cover with a single easy-to-process elements. But not everything is updated and remain plates digitized. Control analog front driver which is consistent with this model. It is really an ideal embedded. It will be lit all the indicators in the blue light LED. What is pleasant for the environment but also for the eyes. But the central part will be equipped with a touch screen. And carry all the necessary information about the 2017 Dodge Challenger, and configure audio devices, navigation systems, and connectivity options and much more. We should expect a voice command, the call, an audio player is good, Bags, many of the security features and a lot more hands-free.

This car expects the market to come in as soon as possible. According to rumors the car market and this may come as early as 2016. We can only wait for the car market and sold be very popular car. You will feel comfortable in this 2017 Dodge Challenger.

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