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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 - BMW

2018 BMW I9. Next year, the Bavarian car company will be celebrating its 100 years, it is expected the car giant to celebrate this occasion with the unveiling of the BMW I9 new hybrid. It is little information known at the moment, but we expect that the car will be built on the four door I8 chassis. Other style speculation claims panel being an odd number, it will definitely make the car a high-performance car.

It is said that the vehicle is scheduled to soon be unveiled to be a sportsman like I8, reminiscent of the 9-series GT concept car or sports sedan such as the company’s Jaguar XJ. The Bavarian Mama had all the details, but does not limit us from speculation and interviews with critics industry familiar on developments in the company. Of course, the car will benefit from the same distribution 50: 50 weight just like I8, while the extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber and help to keep the weight at 3, 300 pounds the area in spite of gasoline and extensive engine and vehicle electric motor.

The will certainly be hybrid is scheduled to be advanced in comparison with the previous model I8. Make I8 for the first time with a lithium-ion battery 6. 0kW, so the new I9 probably something bigger and stronger advantage. Keep reading the following review of the speculation of the most intuitive and informative for new 2018 BMW I9.

Baseding a log of Bimmerfile, and business is dealing with cars that would fall undoubtedly I8, probably called the 2018 BMW I9 hacks. Instead of using a fuel engine three room-and found in I8, BMW installed straight-six that will control to the side to go with the seven groups as well as the use of an awesome arrangement which increases the powerful electric motors to make a total of about 500 hp.

I8 to the rule, the 2018 BMW I9 hacks prices similarly as anyone probably realizes get a convincing six-room to replace the 1. 5-liter, three barrels in I8 with the ability of electric top, got the technology to generate power from I8. I will go on the last ever 362 stallions in I8. It was just 456 produced. Like in I8, this car will be willing to travel a unique binding on electric power ranges. However, due to the largest generating power, not weight, carbon fiber suspension will bear the BMW account the company expects to claim that this will have the fastest vehicles on the roads than ever for some time lately.

Senior leather in the interior design of the new 2018 BMW I9. Buyers should expect warm interior compared to I8 will thus provide an awesome predecessor. The comfort of its interior will include some of the following features that include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and free shipping wire that will shake the market and make customers fall in love with them.

The plug-in hybrid It will definitely be a dream of many and will feature new additions to both internal and external configurations. All of this comes re front end and front grille design, metal curves and stylish body with a way redesign. The eye catchy and will come with many of the rest, in the field of recreation vehicles, control and safety features that will enhance the car’s position in the sports and luxury sector. Exquisite design of 2018 BMW I9 BMW extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum leads to a slight weight advantage vehicle.

The lightweight will lead to a better driveability, especially at higher speeds, and will greatly enhance the economy rankings in fuel consumption limit. Being a sports car, the car will also come in better aerodynamic body and fenders and side lines is characterized by smooth, which will improve the mole specs. Our performance and conduct in-depth fact-finding mission in the Bavarian company’s depth and will provide information as soon as they are available. So keep coming back to this site for more updated information for new 2018 BMW I9.

We expect the Bavarians to build and 2018 BMW I9 in limited quantities, and certainly perched on the BMW line-up in terms of price. Expensive in the entire line-up is I8 BMW, which sells for nearly US $ 135,700. We should therefore expect to reach Super price to be at the top of the I8 cost. The should expect many competitors which will include the Mercedes AMG GT and Audi R8

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