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Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 - Ford

2018 Ford Ka. There are reports that Ford is planning to move the market up Ford Fiesta. Will take its place is a new iteration of the Ford Ka, which uses the same platform as the Ford Fiesta. According to the automotive industry that buyers of the Ford Ka has been transformed over the years to most of them looking for a family hauler efficient and compact for families. For of these people, no matter the emotional design. As such, to increase the value of the offer in this segment, it is set to become a model slightly larger and therefore; the new name (Ford Ka plus) to befit its new status. It was released 2018 Ford Ka-plus for the first time in Brazil as a concept car in 2013.

It will be the new 2018 Ford Ka in the automotive markets in Europe very soon with a new design of the interior, shape and physical appearance at the back. In the rear side of the hump formation contain automatic door for transporting goods. Space between the seats under the roof and enough air bags covering front-seat passengers only. Internally, there are some, such as modified exhaust systems, and automatic climate control before the collision, LED lamps, brake regeneration and fuel warning.

It is suitable for a 5-passenger car with leather seats and cushioned back for comfort drive. Ford Ka-2018 is a little bit identical to the 2018 model of the technology used, and specifications, internal organs and safety measures. However, you can never call it completely restyled model. Anyway 2018 Ford Ka holds many specifications that increase the interest of fans Ford. Generally equipped with a solid alloy hubs with a little wide and large dimension.

A wider range of nylon and rubber tires strong to withstand more pressure and pregnancy during high speed. Stronger tire excels aid and axes to rotate faster. It is the LED front lights and intense to a large extent the dark highway. Indicators are a little bit outside and up to see the followers of turn. Basically, 1. . 5 garbage adopted the I-4 engine of the feast, which is one of the car capacity sell very in Europe for the past three years the. Seat belts, alarm systems, air conditioners, high battery power to start the airbags and the rest of the specifications that the Ford Ka 2018 will have.

Specifications Engine is simple, because the 1. 5-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine has been borrowed from the feast, which was a great way since 2012 until now. This unit is the engine that has the capacity to produce about 75 horsepower and 136 pound-feet of torque. Moreover, you will have a 2018 Ford Ka is also the second engine option 1. 0-liter Eco Boost three-cylinder with an output of 94 horsepower and 168 pound-feet of torque. And supports the unity of the engine with a 5-speed manual transfer to the front wheels. When you look at the fuel economy of the new Ford Ka, then surely you can not believe it, because the average distance traveled by the 58 mpg to surprise everyone.

Ford has used certain units of the hybrid engine in the diesel and petrol versions to make it generate a small force that suits everyone needs economic, but luxury car. In this car safety measures as common as the safety belt, before the accident or collision system, the emergency brake, and two air bags front for travelers. This beautiful 2018 Ford Ka give a tough time to Chevy, Chrysler, Honda, BMW X6, Toyota, Lexus and mortality XR 2018.

2018 Ford Ka is a new affordable small city car. The selling model in the € 9,990 ($ 11,400) in Germany and £ 8,995 ($ 13,000) in the United Kingdom. Will not be sold this model in North America market. With feast boarding market, it is likely to be dropped lower trims (Studio and decorations Style) to allow 2018 Ford Ka in addition to the 2018 to compete with models that won the festival in terms of specifications and price. These include rival Opel / Vauxhall Corsa and Dacia Sandero.

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