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Monday, September 12th, 2016 - Ford

2018 Ford RS200. With fantastic reviews of the Republic of Serbia Ford Focus flowing in this week, it’s hard not to look back at previous auto Ford RS. My mind goes directly to the RS200 iconic car like the Lancia Stratos than anything else that comes from Ford. The car that captured the imagination of car enthusiasts since its inception in 1985. Rally in the era of the second set, it was as popular as ever, or will be. The second group class FIA has created some of the worst cars ever to compete than ever in the sport and fans across Europe can not get enough.

For a long time was considered the golden age of the Department of European races rally. Ford wanted naturally in the second set, but instead of building heavily modified version of one of the current models, I decided to build a completely new car from the ground up. Reportedly, Ford tried in the beginning to develop a copy of the second group of accompaniment, although not much is known about that car.

The clean sheet construction, was the Ford RS200 about racy also got the second group race. It was mounted mid-ship Cosworth 1. 8-liter four-cylinder engine, which broke out 450 horsepower in race spec and 250 hp in the form of road-going, every situation on the ground through a five-speed manual and all-wheel drive system. Police took from zero to 60 mph in just three seconds, and even less time for cars rarefied “Evolution”, of which 24 were said to have been built.

Those rare birds enlarged 2. 1-liter engines appeared boasted 600 horsepower muscle. Although Ford was commissioned to build 200 cars on the roads, most sources agree that many say is already sold out (acceptable on a large-scale figure is 146 “sold”). What makes this one interesting is a special story. According to the list, and said that this Ford RS200 to be one of the last date of the (chassis No. 169), and claimed that he sat in a facility motor sport Boreham, England Ford until August 1994, when it was sold to a collector of Michigan.

The Ford RS200 unlike any car produced on the basis of the competition, which included the T16 Peugeot 205, Lancia Delta S4 and Audi Quattro S1 among other things, and yet, it was somewhat more to the requirements of it. Per FIA cooler, Ford was to build 200 cars on the roads for homologate Ford RS200 and competitive second set. When we traveled to RS200 race spec again in 1986, Ford said to us that they intend to build more than 200 RS200s road going, although never happened.

Being mid designed to gather a small engine car, and RS200 feels somewhat like a spiritual successor to the Lancia Stratos’s. It has been designed by Filippo Sano in Ghia and built the chassis of glass fiber through the Reliant. Yes, this Reliant. Mechanically, although it’s wildly different from Stratos. Tony Southgate-F1 designer who went in later to put the winner of the Man and the Jaguar XJR-9- design a tubular space frame chassis Ford RS200, which uses dual shocks at each corner.

Ordered a slim 200 road car will be built in order to Ford RS200 for the race, and this is one of those rare animals was issued. Late 1986 model, the Ford RS200 recently appeared on eBay appeared on eBay, try starting it is noble, as in the performance $ 250,000. This is the mono cytes.

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