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Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 - Ford

2018 Ford Thunderbird. Due to the fact that it is a retro design, the US market comes with the famous car. It’s 2018 Thunderbird car from Ford Motor Company. And the new generation, this 2018 Ford Thunderbird has a distinctive design and style in the external and internal side. Brand new model car uses modern materials and features, the structure is still an old classic. In addition to the design, the Ford Thunderbird benefit from better efficiency of the engine is brand new. So, the engine still maintains a very regular tradition. 2018 Ford Thunderbird will launch over the next year in 2018 and 2018 the overall design. The first generation of this model all over since 1954.

It does not know much about the engine so far as it is no official information available. 2018 Ford Thunderbird, until now, have only been released as a model concept by Ford, leaving enthusiasts forever guessing what it will entail. It has been speculated that the engine will be a 4. 0 L V8 AJ-26 with about 252 HP and 267 lb ft (362) of torque. It is said that the driving force to be 5R55N cars Ford 5-speed transmission.

One of the impression of the very element is the re-design of the outer side. Brand new 2018 Ford Thunderbird includes a special retro-look. It will probably be built Ford Thunderbird 2018 within the contemporary platform. The chassis uses lightweight materials. Materials not only reduce weight and improve fuel economy in cars, but also improve the stability. The model car can be a brand new type of headlights that can complement with the end of the aluminum, timeless tail light and fog light, aluminum window frame, rear side mirror round, and Thunderbird logo car company. Logo design is going to put it on the front hood. It may be the size of 18-inch alloy wheel.

On the other hand, it is likely that the high-end finish with oval front grille and front bumper. Must be a 2018 Ford Thunderbird aluminum grille bumper it will be paired with two lights segment. Listed below bumper senior, we are going to discover longitudinal. It is useful for Chuck cooler. Must be the position of a new front in 2018 Ford Thunderbird consumption design. The model internal side can certainly make use of the new brand of modern materials and features however it must be the old traditional design. The model car has a different feel. There are easily available colors with the cabin.

The black leather covers the upper and back row, steering wheel rim, steering arm, and upper side of the dashboard. Besides black leather, the dashboard can definitely make use of blue and green. At the same time, the 2018 Ford Thunderbird brand new offers for mixing between black skin and yellow stripes, and aluminum to protect the user interface. Product is superior, high-tech system will be offered to provide fun and safety in driving experience. 2018 Ford Thunderbird

And brand new 2018 Ford Thunderbird should cost $ 38,500. The release date with this car is still unknown. Ford Thunderbird is an American classic car and a symbol unveiled 60 years ago. Model disappeared for a few years, with the exception of the return of the ill-fated atheist tenth generation, but as it turns out, however, the return was worth the wait. 2018 Ford Thunderbird design makes it look like a brother or sister of the Persians. Ford has so far produced the concept model with not a lot of official information available. It will be announced something about Christmas holiday sixty Thunderbird on October 22, 2018?

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