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Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 - Honda
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2018 Honda Fit. Honda Fit, also marketed as the Honda Jazz, is a five-door, front engine, front-wheel drive a secondary car manufactured and marketed by Honda since 2001 and marketed worldwide and manufactured in 2018 Honda HRV ten plants in eight countries, it has reached sales of nearly 5 million people by the middle of 2013.

As we all know is well-known fit for in one box or mono-space with the concept of interior design uses the volume of goods restructuring to compete with larger cars. The reason that most of us love is for the fuel efficiency of preparation, a lot of competitive advantages and very accommodating cabin.

There are many things that we can enjoy all the new 2018 Honda Fit and many of them concern the quality of leadership, but also the comfort that gives the vehicle. The characteristics include excellent visibility, versatility is unmatched, unique design of the rear seat, and the charging capabilities and a wide sit-mannered.

The outer surface of the benefit in 2018 is not a big change. Look very similar which is virtually unchanged, of course, to the untrained eye. Minor changes are made in accordance with this is what will happen to the area of ​​the front grill and this means that it will offer the use of more high-quality plastic and gives it a bit of extra aggressive.

Front bumper has also gone through some changes. It has also received more of the same quality and some reconfiguration of vision that will not be easily noticed materials. Roof spoiler on the back gives it a more athletic on the car, which adds a nice front grille with redesigned. Both the headlights and tail lights have the latest LED technology, but has been re-only design that front. New car doors will be five secondary ride on a brand new 15-inch steel wheels. Interior for this car”pocket style” will blow your mind.

First, there is an incredible amount of space that can accommodate a lot of things in spite of a pint-sized dimensions. Also more than ever, the new benefit has more legs than we can say they have been offered ever. Just like the previous version, the benefit comes with the new”Magic Seat” feature that allows for extra storage space behind the front seats.

Moreover, there’s a lot of desired features available, such as leather upholstery, excellent vision, key less ignition and entry, cruise control, and an incredible amount of driver aids. And looks at the plastic insert soft around the cabin, while aluminum and chrome details are now also very important from the inside is generally part.

Is really put to the dashboard nice outside with large controls, an optional 7-inch touch screen, as well as panel standard Digital measuring devices that are somewhat small but very well-lit. In terms of safety, the 2018 Honda Fit feature stability control, traction control, Airbags front side, side airbags curtain, anti-lock and active head restraints and other disc brakes.

The only real problem we have with the American 2018 Honda Fit model of the benefit is that it only comes with a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter inline 4 engine which is great, offering 130 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque, as well as an average of more than 30 mpg.

However, the Japanese version of the 2018 Honda Fit is available with a hybrid 1.3-liter, as well as 1.3-liter naturally aspirated inline 4, both being less powerful, but more efficient than many units of 1.5 liters of fuel, too. We expect that the new 2018 Honda Fit for the North American market will come at least with a hybrid engine that will make it more competitive in the small car market it.

The good part of the model of the United States despite the fact that comes with a six-speed manual, which tend to speed up, rather than top speed which is fine because it makes it feel faster than its competitors. Unfortunately, the great seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox or CVT is not available in the United States, which is a part of shame.

And will be providing new 2018 Honda Fit to the public before the end of 2017 or early 2018, while the car should be ready for sale by mid-2017 and its price will not change much with the base model is going for about $16,500, while the top of the model range will fetch up to $22,000, a little more than key competitors, but it should be well worth it.

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