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2018 Jeep Truck. Although the concept of Gladiator perfectly acceptable, it will not be like the standard 2018 Jeep pickup on it. Jeep has announced that the production model will be a medium-small size, which would be based on the next-generation Jeep Wrangler models. It is expected that the new generation of this model through 2018, so it is unrealistic to expect that the Jeep Pickup 2018 soon appeared thereafter.

Since new project to share brand Jeep many parts with the new Wrangler, is expected to pocket Pickup 2018 has components made of aluminum. Also, it is expected that these two models share many other components, such as suspension, powertrain components and transmission. Jeep official statement has been issued about a possible name for this model, as well as prices. Also, it is not known by the general specifications 2018 model Jeep pickup. However, there is still plenty of time until the beginning of sales, where we just expect more details

There is no official information of any kind with respect to the next engine of this 2018 Jeep Truck specifications. Some assumptions have been made by the experts, according to these assumptions, could use an updated version of the 3. 6-liter engine Pentastar V6. The output numbers delivered by this engine will have 285 horsepower and a torque of 260 Rtal- feet. This not only because it is also that there is another option, which is the engine Eco Diesel 3. 0-liter engine.

Eco Diesel engine has the capacity to produce 420 pound-feet of torque and horsepower of 240. Each of these engines are powerful and can be easily integrated into the normal driving or off-road driving. And it will use the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission system with each of these engines. Both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive configuration will be available in the case of transfer of 2018 Jeep Truck. The next will be more robust, to give the upcoming axes stronger model, and will be used Rubicon trim. And it will display the differences that can be locked electronically in the next model.

No information with respect to the outer body next to this 2018 Jeep Truck. There are only some of the predictions that have been made by the experts, and because this model is a pickup truck, it is easy to predict that the rear compartment will be the current connotation that it will certainly be a small cargo bed up truck. The lightweight materials mainly to reduce weight. When it comes to reducing the total weight of this new 2018 Jeep Truck, the company will use materials.

It told lightweight similar bed lining will be made of plastic, it is expected that the license plate rear bumper license holder and move the center. In addition to these, it is expected to remain the same as it is part of the windshield folding Wrangler model. The will not be featured in this 2018 Jeep Truck mainly because of safety issues in the front and side of the body. The doors will be displayed very interchangeable, and we expect the fenders, wheel arches, bumper, grille, headlights and tail lights remain the same as every other Jeep Wrangler models.

It has been assumed that the surfaces will always remain but with removable panels. This is done mainly to restrict safety. Doing this will cut the originality of this car, but once again the safety standards should be followed. Regarding interior of this model, it has something known as there is no information on the subject. However, suspected in the interior to be more comfortable, and all the modern technological features are will be offered implemented.

The latest version of the 8. 4 media system, uconnect Chrysler, and this is also a touch screen and a wide range of controls for the navigation feature, as may be contained volume control and other display settings. A TFT in mass measurement, there is also the possibility that the new seats are going to be used, but this has not been confirmed. It can be represented by new colors in this cabin along with a new theme.

No information on the release date for the upcoming 2018 Jeep Truck as is the case in the first stage of production. But it is expected 2018 Jeep Truck that is reached production in late 2018 or perhaps during the early start of 2018. Similarly, the price of this model is still a mystery, but it is expected that the 2018 Jeep Wrangler pick up that may come with a starting price of $ 32,000.

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