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Saturday, September 17th, 2016 - Kia

Brand new 2018 Kia 900 is an improvised version 2018 can be said of this car as a full-size passenger and goes to the luxury sedan to be ready to compete with upper-class models from BMW, Mercedes and others. The previous versions of the 900 popular in markets such as the United Kingdom and Canada. It is expected to fare well this latest addition of the South Korean auto industry.

First, they will be available and the eighth generation and has a dimension of 3,045 mm wheelbase with a wide range of her forehead while about 1621 mm and the rear wheel will be 1628 mm. Has a more modern look compared to his predecessor, because the presence of the multi-purpose light alloy with chrome edge, which has a 19-inch size. The design is very creative. It is built with a network of vertical radiator. Look very smooth and the front portion has a sharp design.

Should the cabin built with chrome details. 2018 Kia 900 to the hood, it will hide the V8 engine and is featured with 16 diodes of the adaptive headlights. Design is very stylish support of the operation displayed in the fog and headlights daytime lights. Outstanding design is about electrical luggage compartment lid and make the border of chrome trim. It also has some standard features such as function anti-glare, adjustable self-waist restraint, rear-view mirrors, interior lighting LED, 12 function for the driver’s seat, blind discovery spot, Samoset grants track and many others.

Well system, it is a luxury car. This means that you can not ignore how much is a look beautiful at the very first glance. The three-spoke steering wheel and leather cover gives you about a high level of comfort and convenience. Audio controls, V6 and V8 technology can give you something more. I will certainly also surprised with the steering wheel heating system as well as high quality materials seat cover to complete nappa leather soft for the 2018 Kia 900.

The powertrain fuel efficiency on the cards. 311 horsepower base engine provides optional engine mated transmission with 420 horsepower V8 engine. It is expected to provide 16 mpg on the roads in the city, while 24 mpg on the highway. According to internal sources, 2018 Kia 900 has such fuel economy, and that will be unmatched with the cars of the same range. The manual also offers 8-speed and rear wheel drive.

2018 Kia 900 is the wealthiest among its range of automotive vehicle, and therefore it will be a tad higher than other pricing. But it will be relatively affordable than its competitors. The expected price range will fall between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000, according to this specification. There has been no official announcement regarding the release date of 2018 Kia 900. But it is expected that it will hit the roads in the country by mid-2018.

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